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Growing up hearing of a story my mum told about seeing an apparition pass her on the road side whilst walking to visit my dad at work I always had a fascination with the paranormal.

It wasn't until 2012 when a former family member was having an experience linked to her son that i truly got involved in the field. I linked initially with a group from Gloucester UK which is where i'm from initially and after investigating the activity reported I decided I wanted more and so looked into starting my own team with the aim to finding evidence linked to alleged hauntings in my local area. I formed what was Gloucester Ghost Hunters and within 12 months had concluded 52 investigations and was accepted as a family member of the Ghost Adventures Crew.

In 2014 I changed the name of the team to UK Ghost Hunters as we were linked to a Paranormal Streaming site in Canada. We as a team continued on until in 2019 the team went their separate ways which also included myself.

Now, I freelance at venues in the UK.

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Chat Its Fate Article

Chat Its Fate magazine December 2019

This was a story based on one of my first ever experiences and tells of a dog type figure that i saw in the woodlands of Barrow Gurney Mental Asylum in 2012.

Chat Its Fate

Scott Mills on Radio 1 January 2019

I was invited by the Scott Mills Team to be on their Monday afternoon segment called "Ask me anything".

I had a good laugh with the lads and certainly one to have alisten to.

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